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Project #Super71 - Firewall Brace Repairs

Before we can install the front firewall we need to repair and prep the firewall braces for this 1971 Super Beetle. The braces on Project #Super71 were still pretty solid for the most part, but some patch work would be required. These firewall braces are important since they will help support the firewall and all the additional metal that all come together in this spot to support the front of the car.

1971 Super Beetle Front Firewall Brace Repair

The brace on the left side had a rust hole that required a repair. We fabricated a patch with some of our heavier gage steel and welded it in place. With a little extra grinding and hammering the repair took shape quite nicely.

1971 Super Beetle Front Firewall Brace Repair

1971 Super Beetle Front Firewall Brace Repair

1971 Super Beetle Front Firewall Brace Repair

As for the brace on the right side, we simply cut out the thin metal on the one corder and welded in a piece of heavy gage steel. This one was an easy fix.

1971 Super Beetle Front Firewall Brace Repair

1971 Super Beetle Front Firewall Brace Repair

Thanks for following the build. Please leave your feedback, questions and comments below.


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