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Project #Super71 - Right Rear 1/4 Panel

As this project continues to march forward we find ourselves moving to the right rear quarter panel of the 1971 Super Beetle. The rear quarter panel on this Bug was a mess. The old heater channels were removed by hand and the metal that was supposed to be connecting the body to the channels were extremely thin and repaired a few times over the last 25 years. You could see that a rust hole at the bottom of the door jam and it wasn't going to fix itself. My best description for this VW and especially this area was "Mushy". There was nothing solid, so we were going to have to cut away any rusty or thin metal in order to get to something solid.


John Spironello’s Journey

For those don’t know John and his company John’s Bug Shop in Niagara Falls, he is a huge part of the VW community in Ontario. He’s had a rough go over the last while and could use a little help. A GoFundMe campaign has been setup to help John and his family.


Steve's First Love

I don't have a VW but was a previous owner years ago, I love VW's of all sorts. I grew up around a lot of American cars but not until I was living in Los Angeles, CA that they caught my eye. My first experience with VW bugs was when my uncle and I built a dune buggy, he bought a 1963 and we began building. I helped because I knew nothing of cars especially building a dune buggy that was all so new to me. When we finished it it was a blast to ride in especially at his property out in the high desert my uncle had and surrounding roads.


Project #Super71 - Wheel Well Skin & Strut

Project #Super71 - Wheel Well Skin & Strut

Now that the front right section of this wheel well is nicely welded together and solid as can be, it's time to cover up all our hard work. It's really not that sad however. It's kind of exciting. I always like getting to a finishing point on any section of the Beetle. This bizarre area of the Super Beetle has eaten up a lot of time. It will be nice to cover things up and move on to a new section.


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