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Project #Super71 - Prepare for Lift Off

Project #Super71 - Prepare for Lift Off

It's been 22 years since the initial "restoration" of this car. In fact... it was probably more of a patch and repair job than a full restoration. We worked with what we had and that didn't include a whole lot of proper VW restoration experience. Just a whole lot of pop rivets, self taping screws, body filler, and undercoating. Never the less... all that work in 1996 paid off. The car is still with us today and that makes it one more classic Beetle that didn't get scrapped at the junk yard. I will call that a win any day.


Project #Super71 - Bag & Tag

Project #Super71 - Bag & Tag

We are continuing to work on ripping the Beetle apart when we have time. We seem to be doing a pretty good job taking the car apart and bagging and tagging all the parts. We don't stress about things too much, after all we have done this a few times, and after a while you just start to recognize what everything is and where it should go later. The problem is that if you don't strategically organize the small or odd ball stuff it may get lost in the shuffle. So if you are tearing your own project Volkswagen down make sure you put a little effort into organizing as much as you can. It will help you wen you start putting it all back together.


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