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Project #Super71 - Wheels

Project #Super71 - Wheels

As with all my automotive related tastes, they have evolved over time. What I like today is completely different from my youth. Gone are the days of anything extreme and too over the top. I still love modified Beetles, but I am not a fan of anything that is not reversible or kills the spirit of the car. What that leads up to is what many call "Period Correct" modification. For Project #Super71 I was searching far and wide for what I think would be the baest looking set of wheels that were not over the top and period correct. In addition, I always like like to have some type of story or history tied to them.


Wagens West!

Wagens West!

Upon completion of Peoject #Super71, the plan will be to drive the Beetle from Toronto (Orangeville) to San Fancisco California. Now many of you may think I am crazy, but hey... it's something I have been interested in doing for a long time. It's fun to build the car and take it to cruise night, but I love creating memories with my VW's. So many adventures and good times can be wrapped up in your Beetle, why not go all out?


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