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Used VW Beetle Parts

I used to work with my mechanic during College in the late 1990's building and repairing VW Beetles for resale or for Bugs On The Hill clients. Over the years a collection of used parts started to grow and were being tucked way on shelves here and there. All these years later my mechanic finally decided that he is no longer in need of any of these old VW parts. He wanted to use the space for more tire storage. Tire storage has become a much more lucrative business than collecting old VW parts that just sit on a shelf.

Anyway, since I was building my own Beetle he figured I could make use of these parts, and he was right. The deal was I could have all the parts for FREE as long as I took everything and cleared out all the space for tire storage. I wasn't sure what was there, but I figured there would be a few diamonds in the rough... and I wasn't disappointed!

Used VW Beetle Parts

My buddy Trevor and I drove down to Richmond hill on a Sunday and cleaned the place out. We filled the trailer with a huge collection of odd-ball used VW parts (Mostly Beetle parts) covered in a good layer of dust. Some of these old parts were actually from two of my old Beetles from years gone by (1974 Super Beetle, and 1974 Standard Beetle). It was nice to get some of these parts back in my possession some twenty five years later.

Used VW Beetle Parts

Once we were able to unload the trailer into my garage we found a few things I could really use for Project #Super71. This included a new right side floor pan, bumper brackets, adjustable lowering struts, rear deck lid, gas tank, running boards, engine tin, and an original set of Italian made 44mm Weber carburetors with intake manifolds. That was a total score!

Used VW Beetle Parts

I am planning on combing through everything I have, cleaning them up, and then reselling the good stuff through the website. I will be setting up an online store and accepting offers on anything I put online. No reasonable offer will be rejected. I just want to give this stuff a good home and put any money I make towards Project #Super71. I just need a little time.

Used VW Beetle Parts

A few weeks back I was at the AACA swap meet in Hershey PA and was able to find a sweet set of used doors for my car. They were a real bargain and I was excited to bring them home. They are the right year and they have no holes or dents and almost no rust. The bottoms are extremely clean and they won't require too much work to prepare for paint. I was planning on fixing up the doors I have... but since they were setup for 1-piece windows and have a new holes drilled in them for aftermarket mirrors and some rust at the bottom, I will use them as my backup doors. I picked the new-to-me doors at Hershey for only $50 for the pair. You can't go wrong with that.

Used VW Beetle Parts

Finally, I also picked up a nice little banana seat bike from the late 1970's or early 1980's for only $15. It's in great shape and I am planning on restoring it to match the Beetle. It should be fun for shows.

Used VW Beetle Parts

I will have more details about the restoration soon. Right now I am in a holding pattern until I get my new front firewall.

That's all for now :)

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